We are a community, not just a website

WhatisBiotechnology is an educational and public engagement platform and a community where scientists, academics, researchers, patients and families share their experiences with each other to help narrate the compelling stories that underpin the development of medicine, biotechnology and biosciences to deepen our understanding of the field.

We enable people to share their experiences by asking them to join special panels around particular issues. These panels are designed to encourage discussion through questions and comments provided by us and other panel members. This process is done through the website, email or text and is designed to be quick and easy for panel members.

We are currently recruiting for panels in the following areas:

Women in biotechnology

Are you a woman who has worked in biotechnology or the lifesciences? Sharing your experiences could help other women already in the industry or thinking of entering the industry to navigate the particular challenges of being a woman in the sector. If you would like to share your insights with us email us on .

Immunotherapy and the changing landscape of cancer

Immunotherapy has been hailed as one of the most important developments in medical treatment of cancer in recent times.Few patients and practitioners, however, have any knowledge of the history of cancer immunotherapy and only parts of the story have ever been told. If you are a scientist or a practitioner or a patient who has experienced some of the ups and downs of cancer immunotherapy we'd love to hear from you on .

Conquering Hepatitis B: A revolution for public health and vaccine safety

The hepatitis B vaccine is heralded as one of the major successes in public health. First approved in 1982, the vaccine dramatically reduced the global burden of hepatitis B, a major cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer. The story of this vaccine is compelling not only because it helped reduce the prevalence of the highly infectious virus, but also because its development transformed the safety and efficacy of vaccines overall, a highly topical issue today. Are you a patient or a relative of someone whose life has been affected by hepatitis B, or a researcher or public health worker who has been involved with the hepatitis B vaccine? If so, share your insights with us by emailing us on .