Public engagement

We aim to produce compelling, interactive resources including videos, posters and exhibitions that empowers people by helping them access, use, respond to and create health research and innovation. Much of this will be developed in partnership with researchers and health professionals.

Where it generates engagement these projects will be taken into the community to engage with people on the ground in schools, healthcare facilities, libraries and public spaces. They will also be placed in interactive exhibitions online so that people around the world can access, use and respond to them.

An important part of our mission is to help helping researchers and health professionals create people-centred health research so as to that helps improve their understanding of people’s experience when they access healthcare. We want to ensure that healthcare research and innovation are understood, trusted and valued by people. We will achieve this by capturing people’s stories of their experiences of healthcare. Their fears of and hopes for healthcare innovation will be an important component of our giving voice to them.

We aim to help researchers and policy-makers around the world to promote debate, and frame proposals for action to improve engagement and trust in science and healthcare.

Public engagement projects that we are currently working on include:

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